Gratitude Gift Box

Gratitude Gift Box

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We are SO excited to launch our first community created and community supporting gift boxes!

Maggie and I have been busy little bees making testers and trials and errors and successes until we've FINALLY cultivated the perfect self love packages for yourself and maybe a loved one!

All items are made with organic, vegan and ethically harvested products.

We're offering two different "flavors" of gift boxes and only have 10 boxes of each available.

Boxes are $55 plus $10 for S&H.


We are honored to donate $10 from every box sold to keeping food stocked on our dear friend's Tacoma Food is Free table this winter.

  • Gratitude Box Comes With...

    Gratitude Mist- 

    You know that inviting scent that welcomes you when you enter a spa or your massage appointment? Well, now you can carry and mist that smell whenever and wherever your heart desires!

    ***Shake well before use and spray a few times throughout the room you're cleansing avoiding the eye area.

    Ingredients- Moon Water, Palo Santo, Clary Sage, & Frankincense 100% Pure Essential Oils, Fluorite Crystals, Prayer for Protection, Blessings, Loving Intentions


    Gratitude Bliss Wicks-

    Take a deep breath, set an intention, light your Bliss Wick and then watch the magic begin! Micca Powder infused, your Bliss Wick will start to shimmer and swirl! Imagine gold and white shimmery light swirling and filling your body!

    After the candle has been lit for at least an hour, pour a small amount of melted wax into your hands and rub in to use as a moisturizing and lightly shimmering hand cream!

    ***Be sure to never leave your burning Bliss Wick unattended and not for use by children.

    Ingredients: Organic Soy Wax, Rosemary, Lavender, & Frankincense 100% Pure Essential Oils, Organic Herbs & Flowers, Assorted Crystals, Loving Intentions, Blessings


    Gratitude Anointing Oil Roller- 

     This is such a sweet tool to have on hand- literally! Shake very well before use and then roll on hands, feet, wrists and anywhere prior to massaging into your skin.

    Take long and slow deep breaths while the aromatherapy grounds and calms you anytime and anywhere.

    ***Shake well before use. Do not get in your eyes.

    Ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Pure Jojoba Oil, Pink Grapefruit, Vetiver, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine & Chamomile 100 Pure Essential Oils, Rose Quartz Crystals, Blessings, Loving Intentions


    Gratitude Moisturizing Lip Balm-

    Say goodbye to chapped lips during these Autumn and Winter seasons. This moisturizing lip balm will smooth and soften your lips instantly while simultaneously providing an aromatherapy experience. 

    ***Store in 80 degrees or blow as this product will melt in heat.

    Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Soy Wax, 100% Pure Shea Butter, Pure Vitamin E-Oil, Lavender & Lemon 100% Pure Essential Oils, Blessings, Loving Intentions


    Vedic Luxe Ananda Blend-

    Ananda Wands might be out of season but there's no shortage of organic, happy, PNW local and sustainably and ethically harvested Vedic Luxe herbs and flowers.

    Take a pinch of this loose herb blend and burn inside a brass bowl, abalone shell or a clam shell to cleanse and bless your space.

    ***Be sure to never leave your burning Ananda Blend unattended and not for use by children.

    Ingredients: Cedar, English Lavender, Mugwort, Honey Melon Sage, Red Rose, Sage

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