Taurus Trio

Taurus Trio

Ananda Industries Presents: Astro Bliss Wicks!


Bliss Wicks are made with pure essential oils and organic soy wax. Soy wax is a vegan, biodegradable & renewable resource. Our Bliss Wicks contain no harmful carcinogens, pollutants, or toxins. Our soy wax burns slower and cleaner than regular store bought candles.


This Taurus Trio is perfect for the Taurus astrological placements in you!


All Bliss Wicks are made in 4oz Travel Tins!


Bliss Wick #1- "Good Fortune"

Ching ching goes the money tree earthy Taurus! Set your intentions, light your Bliss Wick and let your manifesting begin!

Cedarwood, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Vetiver, Vanilla, Frankincense & Clove Pure Essential Oils refresh your senses & spirit.

Infused with teal Mica Powder, topped with Green Aventurine & Blue Aquamarine crystals (for courage, wealth & prosperity), & organic Cedar sprigs harvested from Steph's huge Cedar tree in her PNW front yard.


Bliss Wick #2- "Taurian Love"

We heard Taurus are the best lovers in the zodiac! Turn down the lights and light up this delicious Bliss Wick to take the bull by the horns!

Rose, Gardenia, Lavender & Bergamot Pure Essential Oils will set the mood.

Infused with Rose Red Mica Powder, topped with Amethyst (to relieve stress & dissolve negativity), & crushed Organic Vedic Luxe Rose Petals.


Bliss Wick #3- "Seeking Truth"

Honesty is the best policy, especially with authentic Taurus. This Bliss Wick is made especially for you, authentic and true, Taurus.

Rosemary, Lavindin, Lime, Tea Tree, Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Litsea & Jasmine Pure Essential Oils will clear your airways so you can be present with what really is.

Infused with Sky Blue Mica Powder, topped with Clear Quarts Crytals (to restore & amplify your energy systems), & Organic Vedic Luxe Calendula petals.


Happy Taurus Season!


We accept custom orders for our Bliss Wicks. $10-$15 plus tax & S&H (price varies depending on essential oils used & quantity ordered), with a minimum order of 3 Bliss Wicks. Please reach out to Stephanie at anandaindustries3@gmail.com to discuss your order ideas.

  • Returns or Refunds

    No returns or refunds, sorry! If your item is missing or damaged, please send an email to anandaindustries3@gmail.com and we will try our best to track down or replace your item.